Features at a glance

  • oil-free compression due to hermetic separation between gas and oil chamber
  • abrasion-free compression due to static seals in the gas stream
  • leakage rates of 10^-4 mbar l/sec (on request up to 10^-6 mbar l/sec)
  • purge or buffer gas is not required
  • long service life because of a hydraulically actuated diaphragm, no mechanical linkage
  • good cooling due to the large surface of the diaphragm head
  • cooling coil in the oil chamber of the diaphragm head, no weakening of the cover caused by cooling channels
  • automatic shutdown in case of a diaphragm failure prevents consequential damage
  • discharge pressure up to 43,511 psi (3,000 bar)
  • stage pressure ratios up to 7
  • up to 4 stages at a crank drive
  • mass compensation for foundation-free installation
  • wear resistant and smooth operation due to low piston speeds
  • water cooling provides the best cooling effect as well as a low sound pressure level
  • manufactured in compliance with 2006/42/EC EC-Machinery Directive. Applied standards: DIN EN 1012 part 1, DIN EN 12100 part 1,  DIN EN 60204 part 1 et al.
  • explosion proof according to the European Directive 2014/34/EU, if necessary

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Diaphragm compressors

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