Ready for your special requirements

Compressors are applied where gases are handled and compressed. HOFER compressors are applied where there are special requirements: They are suitable for applications with discharge pressures up to 145,037 psi (10,000 bar), for toxic, expensive or explosive gases such as hydrogen, silane, fluorine, krypton or neon, as well as for compression processes where the gas must not be contaminated. HOFER compressors are also applied for gases with special physical properties, such as carbon monoxide or ethylene.

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, HOFER compressors are particularly in demand. In other sectors, however, there are also considerable requirements: Hydrogen refuelling of vehicles, industrial gas filling, biogas injection, microchip production, breathing gas compression or the production of airbags - for all of these applications we offer our customers robust compressors, which are characterized by their safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.